Les Drôles de Dames

In Les Drôles de Dames three ladies on the trapeze go just a little bit crazy. It is a comical mix of throwing, catching and unexpected events. In 2015 the act was awarded with a silver medal at the prestigious Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris and since then it has been performed all around Europe.

Cloud Swing


Skipping in A Minor

Just another day when three girls get together to jump some rope. Or is it? Skipping in A Minor combines highly technical rope skipping with classical music and absurd humor. Inspired by double dutch and playground, this street sport is turned into a circus act.

Dance Triple Trapeze

Dance Triple Trapeze a movement oriented single point triple trapeze act with two only people.


Ote is a construction of three moving bodies on the triple trapeze. It includes skilled throwing and catching with two bases and one flyer as well as visual images.