Jaimee Allen

Jaimee_portraitThe South-Africa Jaimee Allen joined the Wise Fools in spring 2017. She found her way to circus through a social youth circus school Zip Zap Circus School in Cape Town. There she was always looking up to the older kids who would teach her new skills. Before she realised, Jaimee was one of the older kids herself and the next generation was looking up to her. In this process she found her love for the air, cloudswing in particular.

From being on stage, Jaimee got interested in the behind the scenes work and she did a course on stage management, lights, sound and design with Artscape Theater in South-Africa. She took this knowledge back to Zip Zap Circus where is also worked on production.

Becoming from student to performer and then teacher and employee at Zip Zap Circus, Jaimee felt that she needed to step out of her comfort zone and better herself in new ways. In 2014 Jaimee auditioned for √ącole Superieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels. There she worked for three years on her cloudswing technique with her coach Roman Fedin. She graduated in 2017 and is now ready for new adventures as a performer.

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